Mother is r@ped, beaten and has her hand cut off with a knife in front of her five-year-son during terrifying ‘three weeks of torture’ by her partner

A Russian woman was r@ped, beaten, and had her hand cut off with a knife in front of her five-year-old son during ‘three weeks’ of torture by her husband.

The heartbroken mother, Anastasia, 28, said her spouse, Vladislav, 27, inflicted medieval torture on her including cutting off her hand in front of their five-year-son. After cutting off her hand, he forced her to falsely confess on video to being a prostitute, and that her mother was a pimp, she said.

He also shaved her head. ‘Bald, covered in bruises and blood, I said all this on camera, if only he would stop beating me,’ she said.

The hand-cutting was the culmination of a three-week kidnap ordeal when she was handcuffed to a bed in a flat in Perm, repeatedly beaten, raped, and forced to take the same drugs as him, according to her testimony.

He showed her a video of Margarita Grachyova, now 30, whose jealous husband cut off her hand with an axe and told Anastasia she would face the same.

But Anastasia managed to hide his axe, so he ordered her to sit on the floor and used a knife, hammering the blade, to cut off her hand, she said.

‘My son sat opposite and watched cartoons, so I tried not to show pain,’ she told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

But the boy came in and saw the hand lying on the floor.

He accused his father: ‘Why did you cut off mummy’s hand?’

The man lied: ‘Mummy and me are playing, I’m fixing Mummy’s arm.’

He wrapped a rag on her arm to stop the blood gush, and put the hand in a bag. She said he wanted to throw it away so the police wouldn’t find it.

He told me: ‘I’ll make sure it’s never sewn back on again’

She said: ‘Every minute I was getting worse, and everything was covered in blood all around. I asked him to let me walk. My hand began to burn furiously.

‘I went into the bath and asked Vlad to loosen the rag, and immediately blood gushed like a fountain. I was abruptly thrown into a sweat, shaking, and some hissing appeared in my ears, I began to lose consciousness.

‘I tried to pull my head back in order to stay in reality.

‘Vlad brought me water, I took a few sips, but my legs buckled, and I collapsed to the floor, while my arm hung over the bath, where blood flowed.

‘The plug was in and the bath slowly filled with blood.’

He called an ambulance – and then fled with their traumatised son.

He was detained the next day, and is under criminal investigation for grievous bodily harm and rape.

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