Meghan Markle’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin undergoes plastic surgery to remove fat from his ‘puffy’ eyes as a 50th birthday gift to himself

Meghan Markle’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin has revealed that he recently underwent plastic surgery to remove fat from his ‘puffy’ eyes as a 50th birthday gift to himself.

The beauty pro, who is a close friend of the Duchess of Sussex, revealed on Instagram that he underwent plastic surgery to remove the fat from his ‘puffy’ eyes in an attempt to counteract the signs of aging.

Martin explained that he gifted himself the procedure in honour of his upcoming 50th birthday while opening up about trying to combat the stigma surrounding men who undergo plastic surgery.

‘Happy Birthday to me! ‘I’m getting plastic surgery,’ he captioned the post, which documented his preparation for the procedure and saw him explaining the reasons behind his decision to go under the knife.

In a follow-up post shared to his Instagram Stories, Martin revealed that he has already had the surgery and that he was healing ‘incredibly well’ and he’s excited to share his journey and the results soon.

Martin went into more detail about the procedure itself, adding there’s a stigma surrounding men getting plastic surgery whether they’re ‘gays, straights [or] whatever’ – so he felt the need to be honest with his followers.

‘I’m gonna be completely transparent with you guys; right now I am turning 50 years old [and] I’m kind of freaking out,’ Martin said in the video, as he pointed to the skin under his eyes.

‘As a gift to myself, I’m going to have lower bleph (blepharoplasty) surgery done on my eyes.’

According to Martin, his puffy eyes have inhibited his eyesight over the years, admitting he’s been hiding behind glasses for about he last ’10 years,’ noting his eyesight has also ‘completely changed.’

‘As I’ve [continued to wear glasses], I’ve realized how puffy my eyes look; and it’s because of aging and because of this fat deposit that’s underneath,’ he explained.

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