“You’re a fraudster and wicked” Man angrily calls out Uche Jombo (Video)

Popular Tiktoker popularly known as Verydarkman, has called out Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo for being a fraud.

Taking to his TikTok, the Tiktoker slammed the actress for false advertisement, calling her a fraudster and wicked.

He noted how Uche, as well as many celebrities, don’t use many of the products they advertise and only promote them for their gain.

Verydarkman noted how many of her naive and gullible fans believe that she uses the product, hence are moved to buy the product, to get her type of skin, only to end up with damaged skin.

“Why will Uche Jombo apply make-up on her face to do a skincare advert behaving like it’s the cream making her glow when she’s actually not glowing? You can tell she is wearing makeup in that video and she’s smiling and singing Brow Skin Girl, meanwhile, the color of the skin on her face is different from the one on her hand. You are a fraud, this is a fraud advertisement and its wickedness.

You obviously don’t use that cream, but because of your naive and gullible followers, they gush over your skin and you want to sell it to them and lie to them because of small money. Something that will later damage their skin wickedness”

Uche Jombo isn’t the only celebrity, he has called out. Some days back, he called out Nkechi Blessing and she responded to him.

“I’m not Jenny’s glow ooo” Nkechi Blessing fires back at very dark man after he accused her of doing ads for a fake skincare brand

It was also reported that the newfound “Skincare Warrior,” Very Dark Man had turned his attention to another skincare brand, Dorindas, which Nkechi Blessing was promoting.

The actress who is notorious for using filters while promoting the product, had drawn the attention of Very Dark Man, accused the skincare brand of having no NAFDAC registration number.

In response to Very Dark Man’s accusations, Nkechi Blessing wasted no time in defending herself and her brand. She also cursed him out by revealing that Very Dark Man lived in a one-room apartment and was struggling financially.

I almost ended my life because Nkechi Blessing broke shamed me” Very Dark Man reveals

Reacting, Very Dark Man shared an insight on a troubling experience, disclosing that the comments made by Nkechi Blessing had nearly driven him to end his life.

It seemed that the  aftermath of this exchange had taken a sad toll on Very Dark Man’s mental and emotional well-being. In a candid admission, he revealed that the derogatory comments she had made had nearly pushed him to end his life.

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