Kano man returns dead father’s salary to state government

A young man identified as Yusuf Sulaiman Sumaila has been commended by Kano state governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, for returning the salary received through his dead fathers account to the government coffers. 

In a statement released, the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on Digital Media, Abdullahi Ibrahim, said Sumailas father died in October 2022 but the state government continued to pay his salary until August 2023.

He stated that when Samaila noticed the error,  he returned the salary which totaled N328, 115.75 to the state government and notified the government of his father’s demise.  

Yusuf stated that the state government had continued paying his late fathers salary into his account after his death in October 2022 until August 2023, when he made an official request for the payment to be stopped.

To the governors satisfaction, Yusuf also requested to return the backlog of 328,115.75 to the government, for which the governor personally invited him to his office to thank him. Remarking, the governor commended Yusuf for his remarkable gesture, urging other young people to emulate him and uphold the value of honesty, the statement read

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