Spain’s FA president, Luis Rubiales’s family hit back at claims he is s3xist and say he is only guilty of ‘excessive euphoria’

The family of under-fire Spanish FA boss Luis Rubiales has hit back at claims he is a sexist, insisting that he is a loving man who is respectful of women and is only guilty of ‘excessive euphoria’. 

They were forced to speak out after a bombshell interview with Rubiales’ uncle Juan who claimed football chief Luis is ‘arrogant’ and ‘obsessed with luxury and money’ after his notorious kiss on the lips of World Cup-winning player Jenni Hermoso.  

The family also gave MailOnline new pictures of Luis which they say show the real” man, who is caring and respectful.  The family member said:

“All he was guilty of is excessive euphoria, nothing else, there was no sexual assault, and for Jenni and everyone else to say he assaulted her is ridiculous, it couldn’t be further from the truth.”


The source insists that there is a ‘witch hunt’ against him which is unfair” – and that he is ‘nothing like’ the person his uncle described. 

The family has closed ranks to defend him against mounting pressure for him to quit his job. Rubiales’ mother, Angeles Bejar, 72, was so determined to fight for him she even locked herself in a church in their hometown of Motril and went on a three-day hunger strike before being taken to hospital.  

Former hairdresser Angeles had said she planned to stay inside the Divina Pastora church ‘indefinitely, day and night’ over the ‘inhumane and bloodthirsty treatment’ of her son. She has now been discharged and Rubiales, 46, has asked his family not to make comment.  

But one relative who asked not to be named handed MailOnline photos from the family album where Rubiales can be seen taking part in parties and celebrations, playing the part of a loving dad, uncle, and cousin. The family source said:

”This has all been created from nothing and is so unfair for Luis. Everyone thinks he is a sexist misogynist, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. He has three daughters for goodness’ sake, they are his pride and joy, so he knows how to respect women. Look at the pictures, he is a loving man, he adores his family and he respects women.

Spain has just won the World Cup final, I think a little celebration is in order, don’t you? ‘Jenni said nothing about an assault until several days after. She was even seen in footage from the bus laughing and joking and now she says it was assault and she is offended. ‘Please, what planet are we on? Where does this nonsense come from? He is getting lynched on a global scale and it’s just not fair. 

All we want is for Jenni to tell the truth, why is she only complaining now? Ok, fine maybe it is wrong but does he deserve all this. He is being crucified for just a little kiss. ‘He is a very affectionate man. Whenever he visits his family, he is always giving us kisses because he is a very expressive man. 

It’s just a lynching from feminists and politicians who are looking to make a storm out of nothing if she felt she was being attacked she certainly didn’t seem to show it.”

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