Advertising a man or woman you wish to marry months before wedding is same as informing Satan of your decision – Ex-Governor Ortom’s aide says

Agile-Bem Jabez Ordedoo, a Special Assistant on Media to the former Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has said that showing off one’s fianc or fiance months before wedding is the same as informing Satan of your decision.  

“Have sense. Advertising a man or woman you wish to get married to several months before the due date is same as writing a letter to Satan informing her of your decision to follow Jesus,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday, September 1.  

You think Satan will fold his hands and watch?  Brings us the date and save yourself the stress of explaining to your fianc what you heard about him or her yesterday, today and tomorrow ( there are vultures seeking to devour anything happiness) Free advice.”

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